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“Great Education Group” is one of the most famous education brand in China,the Head quarter located in Qingdao China, the most beautiful city by the ocean and the mountain, the popular travelling city famous for “Qingdao Beer”. You can get free working opportunities here, you can get free professional training here, and you can get free TEFL (Explaining what it is “click on here”). English teaching is the best opportunity for foreigners in China, because, with the rapid growth of internationalization of China, English studying becomes the necessary part for the early childhood. China currently has over 300 million English language students that’s just fraction less than the entire population of the USA. China is a dynamic job market that has distinct career advantages at the entry level if you are ambitious and enterprising, or at the senior level if you are experienced. China ‘s rate of English learning is phenomenal and the demand for English teachers to fill preschools is seemingly endless. The benefits of teaching in China are incredible, high salary, lower living cost, easy travel gives foreigners confident to start a new journey here!

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Great Education Team
  • Great Team 采用多元学科课程对儿童的多元智能进行开发

  • Great Curriculum 项目管理,演讲演示,团队合作,国际领导力的全面培养

  • Great Activities 专业的外教师资团队,原汁原味美国文化熏陶,稳定、爱心

  • Great opportinuties 全外教、纯英语、美国自然拼读法的全浸入式教学环境

  • Great Services 阶段性、多维度美式评价体系,电子档案记录孩子学习全过程

  • Great Potential 高科技互动白板教学,增强学习的趣味性和参与性